“The Real Middle Class of Long Island – Yo!”

Couple sitting at dining room table going over bills… Wife: Ok, so the electric company is going to shut us off by the 18th if we don’t send them $100.00. Husband: Ok, send them $100.00. Wife: Then each of us has to cut off an arm or a leg to pay for our health insurance…do… Continue reading “The Real Middle Class of Long Island – Yo!”


Calling All Serious Actors

(Disclaimer: First, this is not for the kiddies due to some mature subject matter. This is my spoof on reality shows. I stand by everything I wrote, however if someday the reality TV devil comes knocking on my door and wants to pay me a salary to follow me around with cameras, I take it… Continue reading Calling All Serious Actors


Health Insurance Company “Job Listing”

Disclaimer: The health insurance companies had this one coming. Please note that this is not about insurance brokers or anyone who works for an insurance company (unless you’re the CEO) who are just trying to do their jobs. I have a great insurance broker who is smart and caring. This is directed towards “the man”… Continue reading Health Insurance Company “Job Listing”