I Think My Husband Might Be Superman (don’t be jealous)

Disclaimer: I love my husband very much. The reason we get along so well is that we’re both wise-asses and can take a joke. When my husband sees this, he’ll laugh. I’m sure that I do plenty of things to annoy him but I have a blog and he doesn’t so here we go!

I think I may be married to Superman. Don’t be jealous just hear me out. My husband has the ability to watch our children while lying on the couch with his eyes closed! Can you believe it? I can’t either but when I call him on it he insists that he’s watching them so it must be true! If seeing through closed eyelids and hearing over your own snoring aren’t two awesome super powers then I don’t know what is!

Need even further proof? My husband has the ability to walk past a full, stinky garbage pail that’s making my eyes water and not shed a single tear. Why don’t I take out the garbage you say? I do take out the garbage but every once in a while I leave it just to see how long it takes before he’ll do it and how much more he can shove into the already full bag. Yet again, the ability to not smell the nasty garbage, superpowers I tell you. His nostrils of steel don’t detect the slightest hint of stench. Nostrils of steel, Man of Steel…see the connection?

If I weren’t worried about my children contracting rickets or scurvy from a dirty toilet I’d love to see exactly how dirty the toilet would have to get before he would clean it. (I know you can’t get rickets or scurvy from a dirty toilet, they just sound funny). I fear that it would take a lot though and I would never do that to my children.

Apparently dirt is not my husband’s kryptonite…cleaning is. Love you honey!

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